Udacity Java Programming Nanodegree Projects

I completed the Udacity Java Programming Nanodegree in 2022. The projects I completed are listed below.

Source code on Github: https://github.com/jinjunliu/udacity-java-programming-nano-degree/.

Certificate link: https://graduation.udacity.com/confirm/9UKKPXHP.

Project 1: Hotel Reservation Application

The Hotel Reservation App is a Java-based application that enables users to book rooms, view their reservations, and manage customers, rooms, and reservations as an admin. The app ensures rooms are not double-booked, provides recommended rooms, and handles exceptions gracefully.

Project 2: Web Scrawler

I use concurrent programming to improve a legacy web crawler, making it multi-core compatible. The crawler reads a JSON file, downloads and parses multiple HTML documents in parallel, and records popular web terms in an output file. Additionally, a method profiling tool is built to measure the efficiency of the crawler and demonstrate the benefits of the parallel implementation.

Project 3: UdaSecurity

I developed a GUI application (UdaSecurity) to manage home security systems. To improve its scalability, I restructured it into a multi-module Maven project and incorporated unit tests using JUnit 5 and Mockito libraries. The program has been thoroughly tested and functions as intended.

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